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About us

LLC "CLT" ( Crane and Lifting Technologies ООО CLT), (OOO "КРИПТ" - the name by Russian) is a participant in foreign economic activity, a supplier of lifting equipment and mechanization of manual labor.

We carry out the study of engineering solutions arising from the introduction of lifting equipment into production.

The purpose of this site is to acquaint our customers with modern means of simplifying manual labor in production, warehouses, and offices. Here we try to give the most complete technical and commercial information, everything that will help to find, or outline a possible way to solve the problem facing the customer.

Our range contains solutions that can satisfy most of the demands arising from the organization of processes related to the lifting and movement of goods and goods.

To the places where it is required to mechanize manual operations, we include the following processes in a modern enterprise:

loading of bunkers and process tanks
transfer of finished products from conveyors to packaging and formation of finished pallets
supply of material and workpieces to machine tools, packaging machines, cutting centers
unloading machines, conveyors
material positioning
workplace organization
mechanization of labor-intensive operations in warehouses
loading and unloading vehicles
We constantly monitor the latest developments of our partners. Technological processes are developing all over the world in the same way, so there is a chance that here you will find a ready-made solution. Therefore, visit the section of our website Standard Projects.

We offer the following range:

  • vacuum sleeve lifters
  • vacuum tube lifters
  • vacuum traverses
  • electromechanical trolleys for lifting rolls, boxes, bags, etc.
  • suspended cargo handling systems
  • lifting electro-hydraulic tables

The use of tools to simplify labor-intensive operations associated with lifting and moving loads, increases the productivity of the enterprise, while reducing physical fatigue and the potential risk of injury.

If in your production or warehouses you are faced with the need to lift, move, unpack, pick, pack boxes, bags, drums, pallets, packing rolls, etc., we have a technical solution that will allow your worker to do his job quickly and safely .